By ricetard

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Notes: This is really cool, because it shows multiple outcomes of one event, so read it! xx Liz

By thispieceofmind

"Louis knows who this boy is. He saw him at the audition, on the chair in line getting interviewed. He’s called Harry, and he’s got the most brilliant voice and the biggest sob story that Louis has ever heard, and what Louis knows is that he doesn’t want it to be a sob story at all. His eyes are a wide, glossy sea glass green, and he can’t see a thing." 

Louis never really knew commitment, never really knew love, until Harry.

Oneshot, Ao3

By deLILAh

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By stylinsobbing

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We have picked the people who made it to the next round and messaged all of them! Sorry to anyone who didn’t make it! You all were very lovely!

Jess xx

By KatnissPotter1

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Hi guys!  So we’re starting a new system on this blog, a way to make things a bit more efficient.  Basically, us admins are going to posts asks we receive as soon a possible, either knowing the answer or not.  If not, we will tag the asks as “unanswered.”  Throughout the day, other admins will go through the tag and edit the ask if one of them knows the answer.  Now here’s where you all come in.  For every two fics you can find the name of within the unanswered tag, we will dedicate a post just to you.  That way, we all participate a bit more in trying to find whatever fics you guys are looking for!  More exciting changes to come soon!

Love, Liz and Jess

So here’s more information about what’s going on on the ask blog, guys. x

Hello everybody, want to be of big help?  You can send us a screen/snapshot of what our side bar looks likes for you, specifically what it looks like when you hover over the navigation that says “hover over for more,” can y’all do that for us?

Big love and many thanks

xx Liz and Jess

Want to join the blog?

Hello everyone! We are looking for two new admin! We need a  new part time and full time admin. You can apply for one or both. To apply send us an ask at Larryfanfictionasks telling us your name, age, time zone, why you would like to join and anything else you want to tell us about yourself. Further questions will be asked on information we need to know and by Thursday or Friday we will be picking people who will make it to the next round

Good luck!

Larry admin xx

By LoadedGunn

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by tomlinsuhhn

When recently divorced, thirty-five year-old, overworked tax accountant Louis Tomlinson gets sent on a two-week vacation to Aruba by his best friend, he automatically assumes it’s going to be two weeks of panicking about all of the work he’s missing and staying holed up in his room. But then, right on his first night in Aruba, he meets Harry Styles, the cheeky, crass, and charming waiter and up-and-coming musician. Who happens to only be eighteen years old.

Nonetheless, a whirlwind romance kicks up between Louis and Harry, and Louis finds himself falling for the boy in a way he hadn’t thought he could fall again after his divorce. But as Louis’ two weeks in Aruba come to a close and Harry finds himself standing on the cusp of the fame he’s always craved, Louis has to make the decision of whether or not he’s going to stay with Harry, or leave him behind in Aruba, and it turns out to be the toughest decision Louis ever has to make.

Ao3, Oneshot, Mature, Must-Read

The Illness Tag Has Been Split Up!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you all know that the ‘illness’ tag has finally been split up into physical and mental illnesses.  Under the Disorder And Illness subheading on the taglinks page, you will find the Mental Illness and the Physical Illness tags.  Enjoy!

xx Liz