by discoveringfanfiction

Harry Styles is completely broken after a bad break up, and like always, Louis Tomlinson is there to pick up the pieces. But this time, Harry refuses to let his best friend help him. Harry had secrets that he tried to keep to himself, like everyone else. But someone else knows these secrets and is determined to fix Harry and Louis both. But you never really can Fix A Heart.

Tumblr, Chaptered, Completed, Mature

by drivetothestars

Harry’s all loose-limbed and lanky, but he fits against Louis perfectly, the notches of his ribs built for Louis’ fingers gripping him surely.

(or: a uni au where nobody attends class, louis is a bartender and harry’s the boy who keeps getting blackout drunk at his pub.)

Ao3, Oneshot, Mature

by ashavahishta

Sometimes Zayn aches for something like what Louis and Harry have.

Ao3, Oneshot

By inmyrosegarden

They meet in a Starbucks and there’s something tugging at Louis’ heartstrings, telling him that, yes. You need to get to know this boy.

Or, the one in which Louis is a world famous actor and Harry is essentially his trophy wife.

Oneshot, AO3

By dontletmedown

Harry always grew up in a predominately poor neighborhood. His family was poor and he was used to scraping and working to appreciate even the little things in life. All of the poverty and struggling eventually comes to a halt when he meets Louis Tomlinson, a young music exec one evening at a very posh club after being dragged down by Niall his careless roommate. Harry’s life immediately changes all in a single night, and well it only gets better and better.

Chaptered, WIP, AO3

By zarah5

Uni AU. Sometimes, Louis poses as Harry’s boyfriend. It doesn’t mean anything. Really.

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

By ballsdeepinjesus

He wants to kiss Louis. Kiss him on his forehead, smoothing the tight lines of stress that have formed over the years. Kiss his perfectly arched eyebrow, where Louis used to have a piercing Harry mercilessly teased him about (Secretly he loved it – maybe even wanted to lick it a little.). Kiss his button nose, making it scrunch up in that cute way it does when Harry makes a dumb joke. Kiss his collar bones, maybe nip them a little and soothe them with his tongue. But really, he wants to finally kiss his pretty pink lips he’s dreamed about for too long. He wants it more than anything.

[harry and louis are besties. harry wants a kid.]

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

By theenchantingparadox

Louis is a film student. Harry is his muse, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Also, Harry is an internationally celebrated male model. Louis doesn’t know that yet.

Oneshot, AO3

By embro

Harry’s stuck in the football stands alone and falls a bit in love with Louis, the little-too-forward boy who’s sat beside him.

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

By istajmaal

Oneshot, Mature, Ao3

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By istajmaal

Oneshot, Ao3, Mature, Must-Read

by FeelsForBreakfast

These are the facts: This is a love story. Harry can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. Louis doesn’t eat.

Oneshot, Ao3, Mature, Must-Read

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