by stylesforstiles

@Harry_Styles “How do you like your eggs in the morning?”


Harry likes grocery shopping

Ao3, Oneshot

by twerkitlarry

"Did I, did I interrupt something?" Harry muttered unsure of what the actual fuck was even happening. There had to be something terribly wrong with the universe because when did he become so lucky as to stumble upon cute shirtless boys probing themselves?

or the one where Harry maybe sort of completely falls head over heals for the peculiar boy in his TV Productions class

Ao3, Oneshot

by checkthemargins

Harry is a popstar in world famous boy band One Direction. Louis’s the weirdo he finds sprawled in the courtyard outside Nick’s house.

Ao3, Oneshot

by missberrycake

In which Louis gets attacked one night in the dark. It changes his life, just not in the way he expected.

Ao3, Oneshot

by SunshineLouis (Chocolate_Shreddies)

He’s gorgeous, and innocent and perfect and Harry wants to ruin him; have him flushed and sweaty and panting beneath him, whimpering and whining as Harry fucks the innocence out of him.

Or, Louis pines after Harry, and finally loses his virginity.

Ao3, Oneshot (Two-Shot)

By mentalistecbm

There’s a lot surrounding Harry, and Louis knows, in his heart of hearts, that there always will be. He just doesn’t know if he’ll manage to equate into the ‘always’ of it.

Harry is a hockey player, and Louis is his slightly melodramatic boyfriend.

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

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By IllterateUnicorn

Harry and Louis fell in love at young, and married just a few years later. When Harry came into a lot of money, he got his dream job - co owning a record label, and Louis couldn’t be more proud.. for a few years.
But then, life kind of happened, and now, the unhappily married couple can barely manage to be in the same room for more than an hour without fighting, so their friends ship them off to an island for three weeks, in hopes that they’ll rekindle the love they once had.

Or, Harry and Louis fell in love and married young, and their relationship has gone strained, so they get put on an island with no one but each other for a few weeks, and a lot of arguments ensue before sex.

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

by lostinsanity

Louis thinks he can solve all his problems on his own. Harry has too many problems to even count.
Or, the one where two polar opposites attract on different sides of a piano at the rehab facility just out of town.

Ao3, oneshot, mature

By ultravioletink 

A gratuitous alternate universe where Harry is more interested in the Slytherins than a Gryffindor Muggleborn has any right to be, Louis has settled into his preordained role, and Liam just really wants to get his friends through their final year of Hogwarts without accruing any casualties.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed, Must-Read

By imaginelarry

Sequel to Nothing Else Matters where it’s their first time and Harry is being all fluffy and encouraging Louis to say his name and other dirty stuff.

Oneshot, Tumblr

By Bippityboppityboobear

Harry and Louis are married with twins and it’s Christmas time.

Oneshot, AO3, Must-Read

By hazandboo_write

Oneshot, Ao3, Must-Read