by thispieceofmind

au. louis only likes christmas on christmas, and harry wants his birthday to be perfect.

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Merry Christmas!!

Hi guys, everyone here and we just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We hope you all got what you wanted and we just wanted to thank you all for sticking with us and apologise if we aren’t on as much leading up to the New Year but we can’t stay away for long, so no doubt we will still be online.

-Larry Admin xx

by throughthedark

“So Harry,” Louis said solemnly. “My sisters and I are determined to find the very best tree this place has to offer. Do you feel up for the challenge?”

AU where Louis needs a Christmas tree and Harry just so happens to work at a Christmas tree farm.

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By middlefingersup

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By jellyfishes-fanfic

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By Randominity

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By nostravario

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By theteapirate

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By flimsy

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By eleadore

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By tomorrows

Harry’s mother sets him up on a lot of awful dates. She finally gets it right with Louis Tomlinson, President of the Harvard Law Review.

(Law School AU meets Politician!Louis AU)

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by Lustforfrosting

When Louis’ parents pass away in a car accident, he inherits a cottage in the woods of Scotland. He ends up spending the summer there; unraveling secrets, mending bonds and creating memories with his best friends.

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed

Indie!Harry Tag Now Up!

Just as Liz was hinting at before, we now have the indie!Harry tag up!! You can find it under the ‘Phase Tags’ subheading on the taglinks page or here. The next tag up is height difference, which I really am looking forward to. Finally I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas as I won’t be online tomorrow as it’s my birthday!!


by alittlebitlove

Harry is indie junkie, Louis is into pop. Harry wears fake glasses, Louis wears real ones. Harry isn’t new, Louis is very much so. Harry is hipster, Louis is becoming one of the most popular guys in school. The only thing they have in common are somewhat-styled quiffs. And they shouldn’t work out, but they still do.

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